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We were founded in 2013 when a group of tech enthusiasts came together to drive the digital world. As a bespoke software company with over ten years of experience, we cooperated with international companies and startups, contributing to the globalization of innovative solutions. Over the years, we earned trust from health and financial institutions, digital banking startups, and insurance companies. By covering a wide range of development services, from mobile app development to cloud solutions, we helped many startups convert their ideas into innovative products and improve the existing software solutions of established enterprises, applying the best practices of software development services.

How we develop


As a top bespoke software development agency, we combine the best Agile practices with the latest technologies in software development.

Our approach is highly collaborative. We define client’s needs and advise solutions that benefit his business.

Also, we analyze data, use research-based design, and write functional specifications for development services.

Automated testing is an integral part of product development process.

Who We Are

Oleg Danyliuk

Chief Executive Officer

Tetiana Danyliuk

Chief operational officer

Svitlana Berezhna

Quality Assurance Manager

Olha Snizhko

Chief Human Resources Officer

Volodymyr Klymenko

Chief Compliance Officer

How It Works

1.Book your free, 30-minute discovery session.

2.Together we sketch out your project, scope and requirements.

3. Get a clear checklist for building and scaling what you need.

From Start to Finish and Beyond: Our commitment to sustained support and growth

Get a true partner. One that’s not afraid to push the envelope.

It Starts With Your Business and Audience

At the starting point of all projects, we delve into the intricacies of clients’ industry, objectives, and the target audience’s needs. By gaining insights into the business model, brand identity, and competitive landscape, we build a solid foundation for crafting tailored solutions that resonate with your audience and drive tangible results.

On spec. On time. On budget
More Than Just Development

Whether you need technical guidance, design tweaks, or strategic advice, we’re here to help every step of the way. We possess the resources to propel you toward your goals while maintaining a personalized touch and attention to detail.

With you for the long-run.
Go to Market Faster, Reliably, Predictably

By leveraging our proven methodologies Scrum-based Agile development practices, and DevOps approach, we minimize delays and maximize efficiency, allowing you to launch faster without compromising quality. With a focus on precision and reliability, we navigate complexities seamlessly, keeping your project on track and within budget.

No cutting corners. Guaranteed ROI.
A Partner Who Understands You

Our experts boast a decade of experience in different industries, such as health tech, marketing, machine learning, finance, telecommunications, etc. With a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances and challenges, we provide tailored solutions that align perfectly with your goals.

Let us help you fill in the gaps.
Soft-skills Matter Too

While technical prowess is crucial, we understand the value of soft skills in fostering productive collaborations and driving project success. Our team embodies diverse soft skills, including effective communication, problem-solving, adaptability, and empathy, cultivating a positive working environment.

We’re a team, together.
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Great relationships make great apps

By fostering solid relationships with our clients, we gain invaluable insights into their goals, preferences, and challenges. This allows us to tailor solutions to clients’ needs, ensuring that every app we create is functional and deeply resonant with their intended audience.

Earning your and our people’s trust first.


For our software development company, product quality is a major priority. We do our best to check the quality of our products at every stage of development. Our rigorous software quality assurance includes different types of system testing to ensure the customer gets a quality software product that meets their expectations. We take a systematic approach to maintain excellence throughout the development of your product. Aside from creating bug reports, our QA engineers strive to detect faults and failures in the system and monitor the performance of the application, ensuring that the software is without loopholes and functions flawlessly.

Our QA engineers increase the perfection of our software and never compromise its quality. Additionally, QA engineers use comprehensive automated testing tools and frameworks to enhance testing accuracy. It helps us to maintain the quality of software and identify regressions. Regular code review helps to assess the quality of the codebase. Implementing CI/CD pipelines aims to automate testing, programming, and deployment processes. Such an approach allows monitoring of whether code changes are regularly integrated and tested, reducing error risks.

We also conduct comprehensive security testing to identify vulnerabilities and fix them promptly. It helps to protect users’ data from potential threats. Our QA engineers constantly conduct UX testing to ensure the application is intuitive and user-friendly.

Our software developers realize that each project is unique, so they develop solutions that align with customers’ specific goals. We always keep up the pace with the latest technologies. Investing in the latest programming tools helps us to ensure that our software is built using the most advanced and efficient approach.

Whether you are an established corporation or an ambitious startup, our team knows how to accelerate your growth. Our experts will assist you at every stage, as we have enough expertise to scale the project as it grows. We will provide you with ongoing support to ensure that the product runs smoothly.

To be successful, it is necessary to adapt to a quickly changing business world. We use agile development methodologies that help us to develop projects faster, reducing the time to market. Providing customers with high-quality products is a crucial priority for our company. That’s why we apply robust quality assurance measures to ensure the product is reliable and secure.

By cooperating with us, you will get a reliable partner capable of delivering major digital solutions. We will bring scalability, commitment to quality, and rich expertise to every project.

Ensuring the security of our projects and safeguarding customer data is a top priority for our software development company. Our experts apply comprehensive approaches and industry best practices for providing reliable security measures. First of all, our team follows secure coding practices that allow us to minimize vulnerabilities in the software product. Additionally, rigorous testing is an integral part of every stage of the IT development process. It comprises code reviews, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing to identify and eliminate security loopholes or weaknesses.

We employ robust encryption algorithms to ensure the protection of sensitive data storage and transmission. It also helps to protect data from unauthorized access. Moreover, our team implements strict access control to specific system parts, allowing access only to authorized personnel. Firewalls and intrusion detection systems help us to prevent authorized access attempts.

Our software development company regularly conducts updates to prevent security threats. It comprises applying security patches to all software components to avoid known vulnerabilities.

Real-time monitoring and logging enable us to track suspicious activities promptly. Our firm organizes regular security training for our experts to educate them about best security practices. We also conduct regular backups to ensure data is restored in case of any unforeseen events.

Our team strives to deliver custom software solutions tailored to our client’s business requirements and specific needs. Extensive expertise in different industries and a skilled team allow us to tackle diverse projects in the IT development sector easily. By delivering the best software product, we help clients figure out the best solutions. Whether it’s a system analysis or the development of brand-new application, our team continually brings fresh insights and best practices.

We do not just write a code. We aim to provide clients with solutions that allow them to stand out among competitors. As a software development company, we use only the latest tools to create robust and innovative projects. Dedication to high-quality standards makes our team test each solution carefully to avoid any issues.

A skilled team and advanced knowledge of English allowed us to cooperate with international companies around the world. The booming business of our clients and long-term cooperation prove our professionalism and expertise. By choosing our software development company, you will get a reliable partner that will empower your business with top-notch solutions.

Our software development company has strong expertise in various IT industry domains. With a comprehensive track record of successful projects and a team of IT professionals, we can provide our customers with a wide range of software development programming needs across various industries. We specialize in software product development tailored to our client’s business needs.

Our developers constantly extend their expertise in cutting-edge technologies and follow the best practices to create top-quality custom software solutions. As a multi-industry software development company, our team applies different technologies. Whether you need mobile application, advice on data analytics, cybersecurity, or cloud computing, our experts will provide you with top-notch IT development solutions, answering the needs of our customers.

Over the years, we have accumulated a deep understanding of different industries, including healthcare, finance, insurance, banking, telecom, assets management, etc. Our experienced developers are proficient in both front-end and back-end and mobile technologies, ensuring seamless integration and comprehensive solutions.

By facing many industry-specific challenges, we better understand how we should act in specific situations and which methods to apply and follow. It allows us to convert ideas into robust and innovative IT development solutions.

As a top software development company, we realize how important time is for our customers. Our team strives to initiate projects promptly. The project start date depends on several factors, including project complexity, resource availability, and our experts’ current workload.

At Duanex, we initiate the project by scheduling meetings with our clients. Within the first few days after the client’s request, we prepare for him the technical assignment to assess requirements and discuss major objectives and tasks. It helps us to determine the skills and resources needed for the project and evaluate the team’s workflow.

Based on the project assessment, we allocate the appropriate experts, including developers, project managers, designers, and quality assurance engineers, to ensure the success of your software product. We develop a detailed plan that serves as a roadmap for the entire programming process. Meetings with clients, formation of technical requirements, and data assessment may take 2-3 weeks. Once everything is agreed upon and all the necessary information is collected, our experts will start working on the project. We primarily follow agile development methodologies, giving us the opportunity to work faster and adjust to changing requirements.

Then, we provide customers with detailed project timelines to indicate deadlines and expected deliverables, allowing you to track our progress.

While Duanex experts strive to begin projects swiftly, our priority is to deliver high-quality software products to maintain our reputation as a trusted IT development firm.

The operating process at our software development company is designed to address the client’s needs. We start with in-depth communication to determine project goals, requirements, and unique features the application demands.

When all necessary information is received, our team of developers, QA engineers, designers, and project managers who specialize in developing top-notch software products collaboratively craft a detailed project plan.

Once all project details are agreed upon, we move up to signing the contract, outlining terms, costs, and project deliverables. Throughout the project, our team, as a trusted IT development firm, will address any questions or concerns you may have.

The development stage comprises the entire product development lifecycle. Then, our quality assurance team tests the application at every stage of development to identify and fix any bugs in the system.

Once the project has passed all quality checks, we move forward to its deployment. The application integration within the corporation’s infrastructure ensures a smooth transition.

At this stage, our cooperation doesn’t end. Our software development company provides clients with support even after launch, including maintenance, updates, and system monitoring to ensure the application operates at peak performance.

The operating processes of our firm are characterized by transparency, precision, and commitment to excellence. We aim to deliver top-tier IT development services on time and within budget.

Duanex team takes post-release support very seriously, as the launching of software product requires ongoing maintenance, updates, and system monitoring to ensure it operates smoothly.

Our IT development firm uses advanced practices and monitoring tools to fix issues and bugs (that may occasionally arise) in real-time without interrupting users.

The application must be regularly updated to be compatible with the latest platforms. That’s why we provide our clients with regular updates of the system. It also helps to enhance the functionality and security of the product. We also prioritize the safety of product data, which is why we implement security patches to prevent any possible threats and breaches.

Duanex experts keep in touch with their clients closely to identify opportunities for improving software products. Whether you need to add new features, improve user experience, or expand functionality, we will help you to improve your software.

We will be your trusted software development company that provides the expertise and assistance you need to keep your software running smoothly.

Tell us about a business problem you have and we'll help you solve it in the most efficient way.

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