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Duanex team selects only advanced software development technologies and develops full-fledged solutions, unlocking opportunities for business growth and additional revenue streams. Our solid expertise in many technology stacks helps us build high-tech solutions of any scale. We constantly master new tech stacks, selecting them for each project individually.

Java development, as a perfect solution

Java is a basis of our software development initiatives. With a suite of technologies at our disposal, including IoC containers like Spring, J2EE, and Guice, as well as application servers and containers like Weblogic, JBoss, Payara, and Tomcat, we ensure that our Java-based solutions are robust and scalable. We strive to extend to different aspects of Java technology, including Spring Core, Boot, Data, MVC, Security, Session, Integration, REST, Kafka, and LDAP. Moreover, our developers possess solid knowledge of web technologies, such as JSP, JSF, Struts, Wicket, and Vaadin. We utilize JPA through Hibernate and EclipseLink for efficient data management and leverage JMS with RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ for seamless messaging. Our proficiency in SOAP, including Apache CXF, Apache Axis, and Spring WS, allows us to cater to various integration needs. We employ template engines like Velocity and Freemarker for streamlined content generation and leverage caching solutions like EHCache and Spring Data Redis. We utilize SSO technologies for enhanced security, including Keycloak and Spring Security SAML. Automation testing is made efficient with Selenium. Some of our Java developers boast 17 years of experience, ensuring top-notch solutions that align with industry standards.

Why do we choose Python technology?

Python’s readability and comprehensibility make it an ideal choice for software development, allowing us to develop efficient and top-notch solutions. Python technology helps us deliver software that seamlessly adapts to various domains, from web apps to data analysis, etc. Our highly experienced Python experts leverage it for file parsing, testing, and server maintenance scripts. We strive to ensure that our Python-based solutions meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. Some of our Python developers have prosperous 7 years of expertise, further validating our commitment to excellence.

Crafting dynamic user interfaces with React

At Duanex, React is a fundamental toolkit of our front-end development, enabling us to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of React technology and a strong understanding of user experience design.

At Duanex, we constantly strive to develop our skills to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. Thanks to our experience and the newest toolkit, we can bring groundbreaking solutions for every project, guaranteeing client satisfaction and project success. Our React proficiency spans various technologies, including Create React App, Material UI, Redux, Redux Forms, React Hooks, React Virtualized, React Router, React Bootstrap, ES Lint, and Prettier. We also leverage React Native for mobile development, ensuring a seamless cross-platform user experience. With 7 years of experience, our React developers excel in crafting responsive interfaces to provide business growth.

What DevOps practices do we use?

DevOps practices are deeply embedded in our approach to software development, ensuring efficiency and reliability in every project. Our developers strive to apply best practices and cutting-edge software development technologies such as Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, and Git (including GitLab CI/CD and GitHub CI/CD), enabling us to work with innovation-intensive projects. In addition, we specialize in CI/CD pipelines applying Jenkins, TeamCity, and integration with various build tools like Maven, Gradle, and Ant. We also possess extensive proficiency in infrastructure as code (IaC) solutions such as Bamboo, Vagrant, and Puppet. Also, we have a strong command of MS Azure clouds and Amazon WS.

Backed by 13 years of solid experience, our DevOps experts are eager to leverage the latest tools to adapt to fast-changing trends.

Backend: The Powerhouse of Functionality

The back-end is a key to our software development functionality. Thanks to the extensive expertise of our backend developers, we create applications that run smoothly and bug-free.

Duanex experts possess proficiency in coding across a spectrum of languages, encompassing classic object-oriented, functional, and scripting paradigms. We are skillful in crafting code using various world-leading technologies and programming languages such as Java, Python, Go, Scala, Kotlin, PHP, C#, R, Ruby, C, and C++, among others.

Shaping user-centric interfaces with Front-end development

Frontend development is where design and functionality converge to create captivating user interfaces. The ability to work with different programming languages makes our developers trustworthy partners for creating high-tech solutions. Our team excels in developing visually appealing and intuitive interfaces using frameworks such as React, Angular.JS, Node.JS, Vue.JS, JQuery, and apply advanced software development technologies that empower us to develop the most suitable solutions in terms of efficiency and business goals. We employ CSS, SCSS, and SASS to design a great user experience. Some of our developers have 11 years of experience, that allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge and create responsive user interfaces. Mastering all these languages and relevant development technologies is a must for Duanex front-end developers.

Relational Databases: Structured for Data Integrity

Relational databases are the foundational pillars within our software development technologies that offer a structured approach to handling information. Our team employs them to maintain data with a strong emphasis on integrity. At Duanex, we utilize renowned relational database systems, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL technologies, to ensure seamless data organization, accessibility, and security.

Being a go-to choice of large enterprises, Oracle stands out for its robustness and comprehensive feature set. PostgreSQL, an open-source database, is known for its extensibility and advanced functionality in our development approaches. This option makes it an ideal solution for various applications.

Our developers also work with small memory databases such as H2 and HSQLDB. Also, we have database experts, who can not only write SQL but also administer databases and create stored procedures.

MS SQL, another popular open-source option, is recognized for its speed, reliability, and user-friendly interface, making it suitable for different projects. As a Microsoft product, it can be integrated with Microsoft technologies, providing a reliable option for businesses operating within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Whether you want to take advantage of robust Oracle, the flexibility of PostgreSQL, the simplicity of MySQL, or the integration capabilities of MS SQL, our developers skillfully integrate these technologies into the broader spectrum of software development.

The Role of Non-Relational Databases in Our Software Development Ecosystem

Non-relational databases constitute a dynamic set of versatile solutions within our software development technologies. Our team uses prominent non-relational databases such as MongoDB, Redis, Neo4J, Apache Solr, and Apache Lucene to elevate our software solutions.

MongoDB with its document-oriented structure allows seamless management of unstructured data, addressing the needs of modern applications. Redis, a high-performance, in-memory data store, that enriches our development toolbox with its ability to rapidly process and deliver data. It helps to enhance the real-time responsiveness of applications.

A graph database Neo4J is a great choice for applications where intricate relationships are of vital importance. This graph-based model helps us to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project. While using Apache Solr and Apache Lucene, we deliver powerful search functionalities within our software development projects.

These non-relational databases play a vital role in developing efficient, scalable, and high-performing applications. The versatility offered by MongoDB, Redis, Neo4J, Apache Solr, and Apache Lucene show that our team strives to stay at the forefront of software development technologies. By strategically incorporating these databases into our solutions, we enhance the overall performance of our applications.

Elevating mobile development with our expertise

Mobile development is a crucial aspect of our comprehensive set of software development technologies. Duanex team is committed to crafting cutting-edge solutions for diverse platforms. While we have foundational experience in Android development using Java, our innovative spirit extends to cross-platform applications through React Native. Our impactful experience allows us to deliver efficient applications with user-friendly interfaces and attractive design.

With a focus on native development, we skillfully integrate Android applications with the platform, ensuring the highest standards of performance, security and user experience.
By encompassing JavaScript, our team creates apps that run on both Android and iOS platforms, reducing time-to-market. This approach aligns with our broader strategy of adopting diverse technologies to address the evolving needs of our clients.

With 19 years of solid expertise in different technologies, our experts provide cutting-edge app development services. 

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