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Maintain a leading edge in technology with top-tier mobile development IT solutions. By leveraging our mobile app development services, you will reap the advantages offered by mobile technology. Our engineers strive to deliver robust applications, ensuring a smooth and flawless user experience, regardless of the type of device.

Our expertise in mobile app development

At Duanex, we provide a wide range of mobile app development services. Whether you need cross-platform applications or IT solutions for Android platforms, our engineers can craft solutions that meet diverse needs.

  • Crafting future-ready app solutions. Our skilled developers, with 19 years of solid expertise in different technologies, can build scalable mobile applications that meet your business challenges. We possess a wealth of knowledge for creating top-notch mobile IT solutions that run smoothly on iOS and Android platforms. We craft the app for Android using Java, while our innovative experience extends to cross-platform applications through React Native.
  • Cross-platform development. Reach your audience and minimize development costs with our cross-platform services. Be leveraging cutting-edge frameworks to build apps that run seamlessly across various devices, providing an engaging user experience.
  • Technology consulting. The starting point of the development process is technology scouting. We conduct thorough research of market-available technologies to identify the optimal fit for your app. Our experts strive to assist within the entire process, from design planning to implementation. Such an approach helps deliver the most suitable solution, providing you with a clear roadmap to success.
  • Quality assurance. A vital stage during mobile development is ensuring that the product meets specified standards. Our quality assuranse comprises systematic manual and automated testing, helping identify and rectify bugs. With a focus on precision, QA ensures error-free software that enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Mobile App Development Services

Embracing mobile development services is a strategic move towards increased customer engagement and revenue opportunities.

  • Business Growth. A well-designed mobile application can significantly boost your reach, engagement, and revenue streams. As users increasingly rely on mobile devices for their daily tasks, having a presence on their smartphones ensures that your business remains accessible and relevant.
  • Competitive Edge. A well-optimized and feature-rich mobile application sets your business apart from the competition. User-centric solutions demonstrate your commitment to innovation and retaining customers who value your app’s convenience and efficiency.
  • Global reach. Engaging and feature-rich mobile apps that users can download worldwide allow businesses to earn a global presence. By expanding reach to different regions, mobile applications activate additional revenue flows.

What technologies and frameworks do we use?

To enable applications to reach a broad audience, our software engineers employ React Native. Application of this robust cross-platform framework enables writing code for both iOS and Android platforms. To craft server-side, our engineers rely on Node.js, Java, .Net, etc. The employment of JavaScript contributes to a cohesive and efficient app architecture. The integration of cloud services, such as AWS and Azure, enables applications to manage increased loads of users and data storage demands.


Yes, our commitment to your success extends beyond launch. We offer post-launch support and maintenance services to address any issues, implement updates, and ensure your app’s continued success.

We employ industry best practices, conduct thorough security audits, and implement robust encryption measures to safeguard your mobile applications and user data.

Our cross-platform development leverages frameworks like React Native for efficient code sharing, resulting in faster development cycles and reduced costs compared to traditional native app development.

Absolutely. Our services extend beyond development. We offer comprehensive support for app deployment, and our maintenance packages ensure your app stays optimized and up-to-date.

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