Challenge: The complexity of online credit platform development stemmed not from its size but from its specific requirements. Our objective was to pioneer the first online bank in Ukraine without physical branches.

Solution: Our team addressed this challenge, crafting a scalable and secure platform built upon an existing bank’s foundation, leveraging its processing capabilities. Furthermore, we designed functional mobile applications to streamline communication, enhance customer engagement, and bolster retention rates.

RF Code

Challenge: The Duanex team embraced the challenge of enhancing proactive real-time data center solutions, focusing on robust support for the integration of new PDU Tag devices crucial for asset tracking and management. The existing system had limitations in terms of functionality, ease of support, and automated testing, which prompted the need for comprehensive improvements.

Solution: Our team delivered an exceptional solution across several projects, that aimed towards streamlining data processing and enhancing asset tracking efficiency. The primary goal was to improve functionality, optimize code efficiency, and ensure system reliability.

Union Standard Bank

Challenge: Our task was to enhance operational efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and optimize the bank’s digital services.

Solution: Employing cutting-edge technologies, we crafted solutions tailored to the bank’s intricate needs and aligned with their customer-centric goals. Our emphasis on seamless communication, streamlined processes, and fortified data security caused a transformative impact. The automation of repetitive tasks and simplification of workflow procedures played a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency, resulting in significant time and resource savings and heightened operational accuracy.


Challenge: Our goal was to craft solutions that would streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and minimize manual interventions throughout company’s insurance workflows. A comprehensive revamp of the entire structure was imperative, spanning from initial customer requests for health assessments to the final stages of claims processing and payments.

Solution: We delivered transformative and highly efficient solutions to address these challenges head-on, fundamentally altering the operational landscape of our client’s company. We did our best to improve process enhancements, service optimizations, technological advancements, and streamlined integrations with external services.


Challenge: Our team was entrusted with designing a bespoke map configurator from scratch. Additionally, our experts were tasked with developing a website that not only prioritizes user-centric design but also possesses the capability to navigate the complexities of mapping and location services. It also required a robust management platform to manage various elements of their B2C products. Furthermore, we were dedicated to the seamless integration of a payment gateway to ensure users’ transactions were safe and secure.

Solution: The website was meticulously crafted using ASP.NET, focusing on user-friendliness and effortless navigation. Such an approach meets the technical criteria and guarantees a seamless and intuitive user experience. Furthermore, our team implemented a diverse range of payment methods to ensure secure and smooth transactions for the clients. Our one-of-a-kind solutions allowed users to personalize their maps, tailoring them to their preferences and requirements.

Testing Galaxy

Challenge: For forward-thinking company, we set out to create a cutting-edge platform for QA engineers’ courses. This involved not only coding proficiency but also intricate integrations with payment systems, along with extensive research and content creation.”

Solution: Our team crafted a user-friendly platform featuring an intuitive interface, offering a diverse range of courses, assessments, and learning materials. Our efforts extended to seamless integration with payment systems, prioritizing secure and hassle-free transactions. Furthermore, our team actively contributed to content creation, enhancing the overall learning experience.

One rank

Challenge: We were given the challenge of developing a dynamic planning system that was both sophisticated and highly adaptable. To meet this challenge, our team set out to address a diverse range of planning scenarios without the need for extensive coding.

Solution: Extensive expertise in complex software development allowed us to swiftly come up with efficient solutions and overcome all challenges posed by the client. Employing the latest technologies and frameworks, we constructed a dynamic planning system that offered configurable options without requiring coding. Our careful attention to software architecture and user experience (UX) design ensured not only functionality but user-friendliness.

Data-driven Bioinformatics Startup 

Challenge: The client’s manual-intensive system required custom code for every newly introduced data source. Our team faced a twofold challenge that proved not only time-consuming but also constrained their agility in incorporating new data sources. We responded to these challenges with innovation, addressing the need to process extensive data volumes in real-time and streamlining the integration of various data sources.

Solution: We transported a desktop application to a web-based interface. This migration not only elevated the system’s user-friendliness but also marked a significant leap in optimizing its performance and accessibility. Furthermore, the shift to a web interface not only enhanced usability but also rendered the system more versatile and user-centric. The user experience became more intuitive and efficient as users could seamlessly interact with the system through their web browsers.

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