How Our Partnership with RF Code Redefined Support for PDU Tag Devices


Duanex team took a challenge to help with proactive real-time data center solutions. Our mission was to provide robust support for new PDU Tag devices, which play a vital role in asset tracking and management. The existing system had limitations in terms of functionality, ease of support, and automated testing, which prompted the need for comprehensive improvements. It required not only the addition of new features but also architectural modifications.


Our experts provided a top-notch solution that encompassed several projects. These projects were aimed at streamlining data processing and enhancing asset tracking. The primary objective was to improve functionality, code efficiency, and reliability.

Project 1 – Data Processing from Devices

We embarked on a comprehensive project to address the problem of processing data from PDU Tag devices. Duanex developers gathered all necessary requirements to define the core functionality and objectives for the project and integrated several new tags, which essentially acted as devices transmitting critical information. Our next steps were:

Refactoring Data Tag Processing: We initiated a systematic refactoring of the data tag processing structures, optimizing code and eliminating bugs that had previously affected data processing efficiency.

Automation of Tag Signal Testing: We automated the testing of tag signals, thereby reducing the time needed for regression testing. This enhancement was crucial in ensuring the reliability and accuracy of data collected from the PDU Tag devices.

Project 2 – RF Code Auditor

Duanex team developed the “RF Code Auditor” mobile application for the Android platform. It was implemented by using React Native technology. This mob application was created to manage RFID code scanners and asset tracking efficiently. Its functionalities included:

Seamless Integration: The app seamlessly integrates with RFID code scanners, ensuring real-time data collection and processing from PDU Tag devices.

Improved User Experience: The application’s user-friendly interface made it easy for the client’s team to manage assets efficiently.

Project 3 – Desktop Java Application for Firmware Updates

Also, our team helped to improve the desktop Java application designed for updating device firmware. To bring this project to life, our engineers were working on several critical aspects:

Refactoring and Optimization: We conducted a thorough refactoring process to identify and resolve problematic areas and memory leaks. This optimization significantly improved the application’s performance and stability in operation.

Library and Version Updates: We updated the versions of Java and the libraries in use. This step ensured the project’s longevity without requiring a complete rewrite, thereby saving time and resources.


All these projects, implemented by our team, resulted in a robust and efficient solution for our client. The improved data processing from PDU Tag devices and the development of the RF Code Auditor application significantly enhanced asset tracking and management capabilities. We provided our customer with a top-tier system that is not only easy to support but also covered by automated tests to ensure ongoing reliability.

By addressing the challenges head-on and delivering effective solutions, our team helped the client streamline operations.

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