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Embracing DevOps solutions is essential for seamless integration of development and operations, enhancing collaboration and boosting productivity. Prioritizing automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery, we empower your team to craft top-notch software with greater reliability. Leveraging our substantial engineering experience, we encourage collaboration and streamline the automation of workflow, ensuring an optimized development process.

Key DevOps offerings:

  • (CI/CD) pipelines
  • Infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Automated testing frameworks
  • Monitoring and logging solutions
  • Containerization and orchestration

Elevate your engineering excellence

At Duanex, we recognize that engineering excellence is paramount for successful DevOps implementation. By employing DevOps solutions, you will improve capabilities of the company, enabling faster time-to-market and more collaborative environment. From code inception to deployment, we ensure a smooth and controlled process that minimizes errors and maximizes efficiency.

  • Costs optimization. Our company aims to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions that enable responsive scaling and cost-effective support.
  • Improved operations. By leveraging our DevOps services, you can enhance your scalability in process-related activities, to turn your resources on demand.
  • Improved company’s services. DevOps solutions enable process automation, which is vital to high-quality customer service delivery.
  • SDLC optimization. Our rich experience allows us to provide end-to-end custom DevOps solutions, enabling optimization of the entire software development lifecycle.

What DevOps solutions do we provide?

Continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) fosters digital transformation within the company’s landscape. Automating the delivery processes of new software versions and services can reduce time-to-market and empower heightened operational agility.

Applying DevOps automation practices in the company’s application development process helps minimize human intervention in various processes, encompassing testing, delivery, and deployment phases.

Our cloud management experience allows for seamless integration of your IT infrastructure with the cloud, guaranteeing optimal performance and flexibility, robust security, and predictable spending.


DevOps revolutionizes engineering by implementing best practices, such as version control, agile methodologies, and continuous feedback loops, resulting in efficient software development.

Our solutions smoothly integrate with popular version control systems, cloud platforms, and project management tools, ensuring compatibility with your existing sysem.

Our practices accelerate the processes of software delivery, reduce manual interventions, and provide automation for testing and deployment, resulting in improved operational efficiency and faster time-to-market.

By cooperating with us, you will get feedback loops, continuous support, and optimization to ensure our DevOps practices are successfully implemented.

Each company has its own specific requirements. Our solutions are tailored to align with your workflows, infrastructure, and growth objectives.

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