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A сase study on overcoming inefficiency and transforming scientific research through seamless integration

In the age of big data, processing vast amounts of information in real-time is a difficult task. Our client had a problem handling massive datasets and maintaining flexibility for seamless integration of new data sources. The company’s existing systems relied mainly on manual coding for each new data source, resulting in inefficiency and sluggish adaptability. Our team took on the challenge to reimagine their data processing paradigm, enabling real-time insights and transforming the landscape of scientific research and medical treatment.


As the client’s existing system was manual-intensive, it required custom code for every newly introduced data source. To approach this project most effectively, Duanex team faced a twofold challenge. This approach was not only time-consuming but also limited their agility when it came to incorporating new data sources. Our experienced team addressed these challenges innovatively. First, they needed to process extensive data volumes in real-time, and second, they aimed to make integrating various data sources more streamlined.

Our Innovative Solutions

Step 1: Data processing overhaul

First, our developers decided to revolutionize real-time data processing capabilities. Unlike the traditional approach of coding each new data source from scratch, our solution introduced a dynamic method. With the new system developed, configuration of new data sources became straightforward, eliminating the need for laborious coding. The result was a significantly accelerated data ingestion rate, leading to a dramatic boost in data generation speed.

Step 2: Platform for data utilization

The next step was the development of the platform that harnessed the enriched data repository. The next step was the development of the platform that harnessed the enriched data repository. Using our platform, users could find and choose the optimal cancer therapies or COVID-19 investigations. Our dynamic platform reduced research timelines, improved efficiency in data-driven studies, and empowered scientists to achieve more in less time.

Benefits and outcomes

Thanks to the experience of our developers, real-time data processing became not just a possibility but a reality. The efficiency gains were remarkable, leading to an exponential increase in data generation speed and ultimately resulting in quicker insights. But the impact didn’t stop here.

The system our team initially worked with was a desktop application, and to improve its usability and accessibility, we undertook the task of migrating it to a web-based interface. This transition not only enhanced the system’s user-friendliness but also marked a significant step forward in optimizing its performance and accessibility.

Moreover, the transition to a web interface greatly improved the system’s usability and made the system more versatile and user-centric. The user experience became more intuitive and efficient as users could interact with the system through their web browsers. This shift facilitated seamless collaboration and data sharing among users, promoting enhanced productivity in research.

Impact on scientific research

The innovative platform developed by our engineers provides numerous possibilities for scientific research. It enabled researchers to conduct comprehensive studies with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Optimizing cancer therapies became more efficient, saving both time and resources. Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, our platform facilitated faster research, contributing to our collective understanding of the virus and accelerating the development of countermeasures.

 Enhancing medical treatment

Our software development solutions weren’t limited to scientific research. Thanks to the agility and efficiency of our system, users can find optimal treatment strategies, particularly in the field of oncology. The benefits of streamlined data processing were becoming evident in the healthcare field.

Flexibility and efficiency

Our team introduced a paradigm shift in handling data, allowing straightforward configuration rather than manually coding each new data source. This flexibility gave our client a competitive edge and the ability to scale their data processing capabilities easily.


During the cooperation with this client, our experts showed their rich expertise and demonstrated how innovation in data processing can activate transformation in scientific research and medical treatment. By eliminating manual coding, we empowered our client with the agility to integrate new data sources and the efficiency to process data in real time.

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